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Product Name:ME70
Product Description:Medium-sized Automatic Exploration Vessel ME70 combines advanced intelligent navigation water-surfaced robot technology with ocean survey and supervision technology. It has put forward the intelligent, unmanned, collective, automatic and networking solution for ocean survey. This product will avoid potential man safety hazard and greatly improve the flexibility and efficiency of oceanic exploration.
Length [m]:1.47
Width [m]:0.90
Height [m]:0.60
Min. weight of USV in air [kg]:50
Max. Weight of USV in air [kg]:70
Draft [m]:0.25
Number of thrusters:2
Thruster specifications:Low speed: Max 1.5m/s High speed: Max 4m/s
Chassis:High Strength Fiberglass
Min. turning radius [m]:1.2
Operational Area:Lake/River/Offshore
Launch and recovery system:N/A
Max. speed [kn]:8
Min. crew size :1
Min. required number of surface computers:1
Max. Remote Operating Range {m}:1000
Available size of storage room:1
Max. WMO seastate:3
Other requirements:N/A
Navigation and Payload 
Navigation sensors - standard:GNSS,Waypoint Autopilot,IMU
Navigation sensors - optional:RTK GPS
Payload sensors - standard:N/A
Payload sensors - optional:ADCP, Side scan Sonar, Single beam Sonar
Energy and Propulsion 
Energy Source:12~24V batteries
Propulsion Power:1.2 HP Max
Endurance at nominal power [hr]:10
Communication and Control 
Type of Communication:RF point to point
Max. Baud rate [Mb/s]:150
Data sent to shore:Varies
Auto- control:Yes
Control parameters sent to the USV:Waypoint plan
Emergency recovery procedure:N/A
More information 
Applications:ME70 boat is easy to carry different types of survey equipment such as single beam and side scan sonar to perform various hydrographic tasks automatically under comprehensive conditions. ME70 have been proved greatly increase safety and efficiency, which make it the ideal choice for our hydrologist. ● Bathymetry ● Hydrographic survey and mapping ● Oceanographic engineering
Distinguishable features :● Autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance ● Powerful data output and mapping function ● 10km data and 5km video transmission with real time monitoring ● 10 hours power endurance ● Universal platform with variety of application possibilities
Commercial Options:SInglebeam sonars, side scan sonar, ADCP, RTK GPS

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Supplier Information
  • Oceanalpha

  • No.1 Software Road, Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone
  • 519080 Zhuhai
  • China



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