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Product Name:CXTA01-T
Product Description:The CXTA single- and dual-axis analog tilt sensors offer resolution, accuracy, and fast response in an inexpensive, easy-to-use package. The CXTA series design centers on a highly stable silicon micro-machined capacitive inclination sensor element. The CXTA series is fully signal conditioned with high level analog output(s), and optional analog temperature signal.
Year of last update:
Year of initial development:
System components:Gyroscope(s)
Height [mm]:24.1
Width [mm]:50.8
Length [mm]:30.5
Weight [gr]:65
Power Supply  
Min. Voltage (DC):6
Max. Voltage (DC):30
Power consumption [W]:0.120
Non-operating shock tolerance [g]:
Operating shock tolerance [g]:2000
Min. operating temperature [C]:-40
Max. operating temperature [C]:85
Splashproof casting:
Water resistant casting:
Water resistance [m]:
Casting and coating:
Heading static accuracy [ ° ]:
Heading dynamic accuracy [ ° ] :
Pitch and Roll static accuracy [ ° ]:0.5
Pitch and Roll dynamic accuracy [ ° ]:2
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:75
Interface types:Analog
Interfaces :
Other interfaces and additional information:
Start up time [s]:
Output data formats:
Output frequency [ Hz ]:
Num. of Gyroscopes :1
Range [± ° / sec]:75
Resolution [ ° / s ]:0.05
In-Run Bias Stability [ °/ hr]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:50
Non-linearity [ % ]:0.4
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:1
Num. of Accelerometers:
Range [max g]:
Resolution [mg]:
In-Run Bias Stability [mg]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ % ]:
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Magnetometers:
Range [ ± Gauss ] :
Resolution [ microtesla ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ nT ]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ max % ]:
Noise :
Temperature sensor 
Temperatue sensor:N
Temperature measurement range:
Resolution [ ° C ]:
Temperature measurement accuracy:
Pressure sensor 
Pressure sensor:N
Measurement range [ Pa ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ RMS Pa ] :
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Additional specifications 
Distinguishable features :The CXTA Series Tilt Sensors use a micro-machined acceleration sensing element with a DC response to measure inclination relative to gravity. The response of the tilt sensor depends on the magnitude of gravity parallel to the sensor element. The output of the tilt sensor will be an offset voltage plus the voltage response proportional to the amount of gravity measured by the sensor.
Application:Scissor Lifts, Static Platforms, Survey Leveling Equipment, Laser Leveling

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Supplier Information

  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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